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InTTrust Event for AI: “Power your AI”

On October 31stat the Pallini Wine Museum the InTTrust Event for AI: “Power your AI” introduced us to cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence.

It was a unique chance to witness latest trends in the field of artificial intelligence, meet IBM PowerAI, the Enterprise Class innovative AI platform and taste Quantum Computing, the reinvention of Computer Science.

Find out more about “Power your AI” event – check the atmosphere, photos, and download presentations.


/What is Power AI?

Power AI makes deep learning, machine learning, and AI more accessible and more performant. By combining this software platform for deep learning with IBM® Power Systems™, enterprises can rapidly deploy a fully optimised and supported platform for AI with blistering performance. The Power AI platform includes the most popular deep learning frameworks and their dependencies, and it is built for easy and rapid deployment.

/Why Inttrust?

InTTrust helps companies turn the complex, interdependent machine learning software tools into a coherent and profitable system and allows ML solutions to be scaled for employees who need it in order to exploit all its benefits.

/Why Power AI?

Easy to install and get started with deep learning with enterprise-class support, a package of pre-compiled major deep learning frameworks optimised for performance to take advantage of NVLink.

Optimised for Performance

Optimised for Performance

Inttrust offers guidance to tune frameworks and libraries for process optimization and cost savings.

Unique performance and scaling

Unique performance and scaling

The InTTrust solution is customised to the latest hardware architectures: GPU, CPU, and interconnect.

Fast, easy deployment

Fast, easy deployment

InTTrust helps common frameworks to be deployed in hours, with easy installation.


/The future of your company through machine learning

AI isn’t just a headline, it’s a breakthrough that is revolutionising every industry. Customers are experiencing incredible competitive advantages in marketing, supply chain management, single client targeting, fraud detection and more. However, this influx of information must be sorted appropriately to ensure consumers are getting the services they need. Thanks to machine learning, the accuracy of predictive algorithms can be relied on to help streamline this process.


/The machine learning revolution and its business implications

Discover the differentiating factors of ‘machine learning’, ‘deep learning’ and ‘artificial intelligence’ to truly understand their business implications and the positive impact that is already visible in some verticals, such as earlier fraud detection in financial services, a 90% success rate in diagnosing cancer in the healthcare industry, improved personal models that increase the chance of cross sales in retail, and many more.

/How can machine learning help your business?

If you are prepared for a deep dive into the technical part of machine learning, download the Power AI presentation slides to learn how machine learning can help your business and prepare for the event.

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